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    Think of our expert-written collection of digi-mags as easy sofa courses for the spiritually-curious. Download, digest and enjoy!

    • Find your Soul Path: Self-Care Workbook

      How to Dream, Believe and Succeed

      Transform your life today with ex-Strictly Come Dancing champion Camilla Sacre-Dallerup

      • Make big changes in your life with 15 tips and strategies to strengthen your self-belief and focus your energies
      • Practise visualisation with 5 clever mind hacks and NLP tricks
      • Discover your true purpose in 4 easy steps
      • How to show yourself self-compassion and boost self-love
      • 20 mindtool exercises to help you dream, believe and succeed
    • Find your Soul Path: Self-Care Workbook

      Learn the Major Arcana

      Memorise the 'trump' Tarot cards in an HOUR

      • Expert reader Carrie Anne leads you through the 22 cards in detail
      • Learn the secret link with Tarot, Hollywood film and the 'Hero's journey'
      • Journal along and interpret each card's meaning in your own life
      • 8 pages of visual guides to strengthen your memory and go tarot pro
    • Find your Soul Path: Self-Care Workbook

      EXCLUSIVE 2021 Astrology Guidebook

      111 cosmic hacks to unlock your best year yet!

      • Must-know astro advice from best ever experts Russell Grant, Yasmin Boland and Kirsty Gallagher
      • All the moons and planetary movements of 2021 in one handy place, with pull-outs, calendars and posters
      • A guide to your birth chart: why the time, date and location of your birth really matter
      • 48 pages of beginner-friendly astrology guidance for free download, including your year-ahead horoscopes
    • Find your Soul Path: Self-Care Workbook

      Crystals Made Easy

      101 ways to tap into their healing power

      • Manifest abundance
      • Heal anxiety and boost your mood
      • Superpower your everyday rituals
      • Connect with the moon goddess
      • Communicate with Spirit
    • Find your Soul Path: Self-Care Workbook

      The Winter White Witch Workbook

      30 days of winter rituals, recipes and spells to warm your soul this winter

      • The rituals and spells you NEED this winter from experienced white witches Tudorbeth and Silja
      • Discover the stories of the first ever witches and an insight into their day-to-day lives
      • Cooking up potions from your backyard: the flowers and herbs that will improve your spells
      • Learn about the traditional witchy festivals and celebrate in true witchy style
    • Find your Soul Path: Self-Care Workbook

      Find your Soul Path: Self-Care Workbook

      How to let go of negativity & coach yourself happy

      • Perfect for spiritual beginners
      • Expert advice from Dr David Hamilton, Nikki Wyatt and Mel Collins
      • Hundreds of lifestyle tips to gain confidence and live your destiny
      • The only read you need to jumpstart your soul and begin your spiritual awakening