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    Crystals Made Easy

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    Your FREE 34-page guide to finding love, boosting your mood and attracting abundance.

    About the Guide

    Can a crystal change YOUR life? Whether you carry a tiger’s eye in your handbag, or sleep with a rose quartz beside you, chances are you’re tapping into their energy vibrations on some level already. But if you want to take your self-healing forward a step, this guide will help you begin to work with crystals on a more meaningful level.

    Whether you’re seeking wisdom with love and romance, searching for creative inspiration or looking for a meditation boost, the expert wisdom contained in his download will help you on your way.

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    Learn how to use crystals to:

    • Manifest abundance
    • Promote well-being
    • Superpower your everyday rituals
    • Connect with the moon goddess
    • Communicate with Spirit
    Rosalind Moody
    Rosalind signature Rosalind Moody Editor, Soul & Spirit

    A look inside the download

    • Your A-Z of Crystals

      Your A-Z of Crystals

      Your ultimate guide to healing stones
    • 7 Stress-Busting Gems

      7 Stress-Busting Gems

      Essential crystals to boost your mood and relax you
    • Plug into your Psychic Powers

      Plug into your Psychic Powers

      Learn how to create a crystal grid to increase clarity and intuition