Soul & Spirit's Spiritual Book Awards

Soul & Spirit's Spiritual Book Awards 2018
are open for entries now!

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Get involved and celebrate the best and brightest authors in the MBS circuit!

This year, Soul & Spirit magazine is launching its very own Spiritual Book Awards. Comprised of 32 categories, it's an opportunity for the magazine to honour a variety of wonderful books and their authors that have been published in the past 12 months. For each category there will be both a Winner and a Highly Commended book, voted for by a prestigious judging panel of spiritual and holistic well-being experts and the magazine's dedicated readers

  • Daisy Foss

    Daisy Foss

  • Ashley Leavy

    Ashley Leavy

  • Susan Miller

    Susan Miller

  • Maureen Rolls

    Maureen Rolls

  • Liz Alexander

    Liz Alexander

  • Silja


  • Larah Davies

    Larah Davies

  • The Judges

    To judge our Spiritual Book Awards, we've called upon some of the biggest names in the MBS circuit - from life coaches and yoginis, to meditation teachers, witches, psychics, crystal and angel experts!

  • Nikki Wyatt

    Nikki Wyatt

  • Emma Slade

    Emma Slade

  • Our judging panel consists of:

    Daisy Foss, Ashley Leavy, Susan Miller, Maureen Rolls, Liz Alexander, Silja, Larah Davies, Nikki Wyatt, Emma Slade, Danielle Lett, Patricia Weston, Pete Cohen, George Lizos, Tony Stockwell, Emily Haddington, Neil Seligman, Alison Canavan, Marion Williamson, Rose Rouse, Marylynn Clarke, Jo Angel and Ryan Gooding

  • Danielle Lett

    Danielle Lett

  • Patricia Weston

    Patricia Weston

  • Pete Cohen

    Pete Cohen

  • George Lizos

    George Lizos

  • Tony Stockwell

    Tony Stockwell

  • Emily Haddington

    Emily Haddington

  • Neil Seligman

    Neil Seligman

  • Alison Canavan

    Alison Canavan

  • Marion Williamson

    Marion Williamson

  • Rose Rouse

    Rose Rouse

  • Marylynn Clarke

    Marylynn Clarke

  • Jo Angel

    Jo Angel

  • Ryan Gooding

    Ryan Gooding

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The Categories

The 32 categories listed here cover the full spectrum of mindfulness topics and present day spirituality

  • Best angels book

    Judged by: Daisy Foss

  • Best meditation book

    Judged by: Neil Seligman

  • Best crystals book

    Judged by: Ashley Leavy

  • Best mindful eating book

    Judged by: Alison Canavan

  • Best astrology book

    Judged by: Susan Miller

  • Best moonology book

    Judged by: Marion Williamson

  • Best Reiki book

    Judged by: Maureen Rolls

  • Best tantra book

    Judged by: Rose Rouse

  • Best Theta healing book

    Judged by: Liz Alexander

  • Best Feng Shui book

    Judged by: Marylynn Clarke

  • Best aromatherapy book

    Judged by: Silja

  • Best dreams/lucid dreaming book

    Judged by: Jo Angel

  • Best yoga book

    Judged by: Larah Davies

  • Best self-confidence book

    Judged by: Nikki Wyatt

  • Best spiritual classic

    Judged by: Ryan Gooding

  • Best spiritual travel book

    Judged by: Emma Slade

  • Best spiritual fiction

    Judged by: Ryan Gooding

  • Best real-life spiritual story

    Judged by: Danielle Lett

  • Best self-published spiritual book of the year

    Judged by: Emily Haddington

  • Best magic and spells book

    Judged by: Patricia Weston

  • Best digital e-book

    Judged by: Danielle Lett

  • Best emotional healing book

    Judged by: Pete Cohen

  • Best colouring book

    Judged by: Our Readers

  • Best mythological creatures book

    Judged by: George Lizos

  • Best cover artwork

    Judged by: Our Readers

  • Best pet healing book

    Judged by: Maureen Rolls

  • Best tarot/oracle cards

    Judged by: Our Readers

  • Best psychic book

    Judged by: Tony Stockwell

  • Best spiritual author

    Judged by: Our Readers

  • Best spiritual newcomer

    Judged by: Emily Haddington

  • Best spiritual artist

    Judged by: Our Readers

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Want to enter your book?

Great! Here's how our Spiritual Book Awards work...

  • 1

    Enter the awards

    Enter the awards online or using our printed form (awards entries are open now and close on the 17th November)

  • 2

    Send your books

    Send your books in to us at:
    Soul and Spirit magazine, 25 Phoenix Court, Hawkins Road, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8JY

  • 3

    The Shortlist

    We shortlist three books for each category

  • 4

    Reader voting opens

    Reader voting for reader-voted categories opens in the January 2018 issue of Soul and Spirit magazine (on sale 14th December, 2017)

  • 5

    Reader voting closes

    Reader voting for reader-voted categories closes in the February 2018 issue of Soul and Spirit magazine (on sale 18th January 2018)

  • 6

    We announce the winners

    We announce the winners for each category in the April issue of Soul and Spirit magazine (on sale 15th March 2018)

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  • Assessed criteria

    • • Readability
    • • High levels of research and expertise (in certain categories where applicable)
    • • Value for money
    • • Design and presentation of book
    • • Ability to inspire others both inside and outside the MBS circuit
  • Eligibility

    • • The book must be a new published work that is currently able to buy - unpublished manuscripts and books published before 1st January 2017 will not be eligible
    • • Edited collections of papers are not eligible
    • • Late entries will not be accepted
    • • Books must be in the English language